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baremetal dedicated server

Most owners of the website that make the choice to shift away from shared web servers are quite justifiably worried regarding cost. Against what you can think, it does not necessarily need to charge you a fortune, and you no need to settle for another best just because you are not keen to pay over overstated charges. A best server company has to be capable to give you reasonable per month charges, efficient and fast servers, and even amazing service. These are so many companies that just use the advanced technology, and it is these kinds of companies you must be focusing on once it comes to your hosting needs.

What Is a Bare Metal Dedicated Server?

A baremetal dedicated server is very advanced web server, but the dissimilarity is that it is specifically dedicated to your site. Either, these can be rented, or they can be bought outright. Thus, what is actually the dissimilarity then, when evaluated to the manner in which most of the other sites are hosted? Normally speaking, the huge majority of sites use shared web hosting. It indicates that there could be lots of sites all running off similar web server that eventually means that they all are sharing a common connection, and obviously they even all share available resources of the server. Now, you can be surprising how some sites can possibly share one web server and still organize to work?

The main reason why it is feasible is because literally there are lots of websites which receive almost not any traffic at all. In case a website begins attracting a good number of people, it then turns into necessary for that site to have its own self-sufficient dedicated server in Netherlands. One must remember that some of the Internet’s more famous sites have a good number of their own devoted web servers to manage the good amount of traffic they get.

One Drawback to Avoid

In case you plan leasing a web server then you have to think twice earlier than selecting to work throughout a middleman. The major reason for this is just because if you run into any issues, usually you will need to contact the service provider, and he will contact with the actual service provider. You can well see, this procedure can confirm to be very hectic on occasions, and in some possible cases it impacts in a considerable amount of downtime that ultimately business loss. Admittedly, certainly there are some trusted ‘middleman’ service providers, but normally speaking, you would be better off going with a firm which really have the servers they rent.

Know The Benefits Of Baremetal Dedicated Server

baremetal dedicated server

Today, you can see that online business is on an all time higher situation, the marketing business online is even gaining speed. It is the technique of marketing used by all the companies that work online irrespective of their extent and size of operations. Exclusive of the assistance of online marketing not any particular business can expand and grow. For these promotional stratagems to work perfectly, they do take the assistance of baremetal dedicated server that offers the best solution. This type of web server hosting is the very important step to starting a business online that help you to grow in a very secure and efficient manner.

There are some possible benefits of bare metal dedicated servers. Apart from the offered services by shared web hosting, this type of web hosting service keeps the quality of the online access that is offered by it. It makes the demand of service increase in between the customers because of its supreme quality. There are not any possible seams that are posed on this type of web server and so the overall performance is really very good. The offered protection by the dedicated server Netherlands is even offered with the assistance of big size servers and so it is highly reliable. It keeps secure the processor power, the disk space and the available memory space. As your web server is not being commonly shared, the work speed doesn’t have any type of impact. Even, there is not any possibility of your specific system being damaged and the trafficking outcomes are very encouraging as well.

As discussed earlier, the security of a dedicated hosting is very good. You can without any problem install any application or software of your preference without the tension of getting technically banned or holding a damaging virus. It is just because of the customized configuration that the web servers have. To provide extra level of security, the web server will install a customized firewall service which improves the security strength.

Bare metal dedicated servers even give you with a unique IP address which is special to you. The available memory space can even be expanded in case you have this type of service. It avoids the downtime as this could hamper the services that you offer to your user. It even makes all the difficult contents very easy for you to operate and understand.

Which is better – Bare Metal Server or Dedicated Server?

Once it comes to excellent performance from web hosting, we have a wonderful choice between normal dedicated servers and highly advanced bare metal servers. But it is tough to know, which is better between these available solutions? Here in this article we are providing you clarity on what make different these two solutions, and disperse any myths which could have crept in along the manner.

Baremetal servers similar to dedicated?

From a solely technical viewpoint, traditional servers and bare metal servers have several features that are common. Clearly, both are coming as a physical box, not a virtualized piece of web resources. Actually, this shortage of hypervisor or virtualisation layer is where the “bare metal” comes out: the thought being that the user gets tolerant access to the basic hardware.

Both of these web servers are even one-tenant machines, indicating they offer a processor configuration, storage and memory that are not shared between common users. It indicates that whether you are on a baremetal hosting or a more usual dedicated hosting, you can depend on the power of your personal private hardware, and you do not need to take tension regarding performance taking a bash when some other users get a thorn in traffic.

Time is money

The greatest dissimilarity between traditional dedicated and bare metal servers turns into apparent once you go to order one: the contract terms and pricing. With bare metal you can get all the outstanding performance of a normal dedicated server, but with a resourceful, per-hour billing structure. Even as, traditional hosting are naturally rented through yearly or monthly agreements, you can use a bare metal hosting on demand for as short or long a period as needed. You can also pay the amount for what you will use.

What are you building?

The possibly resemblance between traditional servers and bare metal servers certainly overshadow the dissimilarities. Ultimately your choice comes down to what you decide to do with your web server, what matches with the model of your business, and how much suppleness you wish. In case your plan is to make a project which demands ongoing performance of dedicated server, a normal server can well meet your requirements. But in case you want a reasonable web server that can be shut down or deployed at a moment’s notice, understand that bare metal makes a lot more sense.

The option of bare metal server is also preferable if you decide to run your server next to other web hosting services, with tools of integration making it simple to mix the physical type of machine within an efficient hybrid cloud.

Are You Going To Manage a Baremetal Dedicated Server?

There is a common conviction that operating baremetal dedicated server needs a big IT professional’s team. While it may be correct for an on-premise resolution, it cannot necessarily be the point once it comes to leasing and colocation. You should know that managed service providers give a full variety of extra services to assist you run your business online. It indicates you can make simpler your operations by offering IT work to a provider and concentrate on the goals of your business. Like, in case you lease a managed server (dedicated) to resell web hosting, you can focus on selling your other services while your IT professional manages something else.

The level to which you contribute in organizing the server may differ, but normally, you have to cover the following important things:

Patches and Updates

Routine update the Operating System and perform patches of the software. It is what keeps secure your server from malevolent attacks. Even, you can regularly run the rkhunter, chkrootkit, and clamav server app tools.

Regular Monitoring

You have to check key operational metrics of the web server, firewalls, switches, etc. You can set up early alarms and thresholds which will inform when a threshold has been crossed.

Management of the Password

Frequently change the passwords of your server, together with root and administrative user password.

Remote Hands

Efficient management of the bare metal server contains the skill to modify it across borders without a substantial leading time.

Monitoring and Setting up firewalls

These are software and hardware pieces that exclude unnecessary traffic. A user will set up rules of the firewall to limit traffic by destination IP address, service port, or by any specific IP protocol. The objective is to recognize which ports you want to open and for what reason.

Sorry to say, there is not a perfect solution. Each case may need a special approach to management of the traffic.

Operational management

It contains a lot of tasks, like replacement of the hardware, domain name services, bare metal recovery and backup, data migration etc.

Make excellent use of APIs and client portals

Most service providers of enterprise-grade give a client portal which grants insight of clients into their resources and a chance to scale simply through an API or a portal interface. 

Access based on role

In case different members of your organization interact with the infrastructure of your bare metal, you will need to make role-based segregation of permissions and duties. 

Using Bare Metal Dedicated Servers from The Netherlands

benefits of bare metal

Today, to get the best results from hosting servers, one has two options to go for- the traditional dedicated servers or new high-tech bare metal dedicated servers. But how can a customer decide which one would best suit his requirement and which one to go for? We would be talking about how to set out transparency between these two options and accordingly explain how dedicated server Netherlands can be the best choice for you.

What advantage does a bare metal dedicated server have over a similar dedicated server?

A bare metal server is a type of server designed exclusively for a single client. The end-user of the server can develop the server in line with his need for performance, reliability as well as security. However, talking about dedicated servers, this is a type of hosting, in which the end-user has a different physical machine along with a remote management option which could make the management complex at times.

Bare metal servers have better availability as compared to dedicated servers. Additionally, they have reduced downtime, however, that does not mean that they do not require any backup. Bare metal servers are a better option for small and medium companies as they provide a better cost-effective hosting solution than dedicated servers. High levels of security, performance, and power also make it a very popular choice.

Why opting for the Netherlands could be the best choice?

To give the maximum benefit to the business, a dedicated server in the Netherlands can be used. Today one can hugely benefit from the dedicated servers in the Netherlands and have a great network capacity while working from any corner of the world.

Dedicated servers in the Netherlands come with the latest DDR3 RAM, Intel processors, new CPU coolers and hard drives. Additionally, all these servers come with an ISO 27001 & 9001 certification and are TIER III compliant. This ensures that there is no interruption in the hosting services.

The bare metal servers from the Netherlands also provide the best quality of solution for hosting as they give secure colocation services at a nominal price, suiting every budget. Also, the servers in the Netherlands are supplied with complete access, and the best benefit is that one does not have any corresponding neighbours on the server, which could have affected one’s work. The dedicated server can be utilized to host huge projects that a good number of clients, and with these servers, one automatically gets discounts on opting for long billing cycles.

What is it, and how it is different from traditional dedicated servers?


A bare metal dedicated server is basically the hardware component of hosting which comes with many flexible features, as compared to traditional dedicated servers such as pay per hour billing, short notice launches or shut down features, easy cloud integration, etc. Today Bare metal dedicated servers hosted in some special data centers in the Netherlands, are popularly known to adhere to the latest standards and requirements of the industry.

Why prefer the Netherlands?

To serve the purpose of your business perfectly and take the load out of your shoulders, a dedicated server in the Netherlands can be used. Many of them can also be cost-effective with certain discounts and packages. The security and the facilities offered by these dedicated servers make it a value for money deal. Additionally, the firms that offer the service of dedicated servers in the Netherlands generally tend to give the option of customization with your online business. In most of the packages, one can get the free setup of templates, email ids, and many additional kinds of stuff. For IT firms, this is particularly useful as housing a server and looking after its maintenance is sure to take a lot of time and money. This is one of the prime reasons why the housing of bare metal dedicated servers in Data Centers in the Netherlands is generally preferred.

Bare metal dedicated servers situated in data centers in the Netherlands are characteristically designed to manage your dedicated server needs in a go. The firms dealing in this very well know your requirements and understand the stability that you require. Although this facility is a bit costly, it compensates in the way that the hardware quality protects the server against any breakdown. Also, the maintenance of these servers could be very much affordable if the service provider can guarantee consistency.

Service providers always have a high availability

Since fluctuation in power can lead to a lot for problems, the service providers of bare metal dedicated servers in the Netherlands are able to assure a uniform power supply, ensuring very high availability. They are also equipped with having other sustainable sources of power such as inverters and strong power generators and can save your firm’s reputation and money in case the local electricity board suddenly decides to scrap its services for a while.